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If your webcam is not working and you already tried to install webcam driver and webcam still not working in yahoo messenger, facebook or skype, then you need to follow this guide closely.

Recommended First Step !

Scan and repair your operating system first with this free software !

First thing, go to control panel, then Hardware and Sound - Device Manger (see image)

Now you need to scan your computer for hardware changes

Ok so, if your webcam is not broken and your laptop can detect it, under Imaging device you must see something with a red X or yellow triangle. That`s mean that your webcam is ready to be used after proper driver instalation !

If you do not see anything about Imaging device then your webcam is not detected by your notebook and you need to look for some shortcut keys from your keyboard to start webcam !!

So, the next step will be :

Now, if your windows update is Active, and also internet connection is online windows will download webcam driver and will install for your automaticaly.

Done. this is guide with how to get webcam driver from microsoft windows update for FREE !!

So, if you webcam is not recognized or have any malfunction then you can follow this guide.

Tutorial for Laptops / Notebooks / Ultrabooks chat webcam cameras or HD Webcams.

Get webcam driver from windows update - Guide

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