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This guide works for : Laptops / Notebooks, Ultrabooks, Netbooks and is Free.


First step to boost your operating system is to clean it with this application.

Now if your system is clean, download this software and install it, then run it.

You need to have an email adress and pick a password then log in . (is free)

Next step is to add some video game in our game booster and in our example the video game is Crysis 3, GTA IV, Assassin`s Creed 3, Company of Heroes 2 or Test Driver Unlimited 2 !

Now you need to tweak your operating system with Optimize button !

Right, now you need to defrag desired video game from Tools - Defrag , select desired video game and press Defrag ! (crysis 3 in my example)

Final Step !

Select video game that you want to play and press Launch button.

Done !

Now your laptop / notebook / ultrabook will run better in video games.

Very Important Note !!

If you want to get best performance, we strongly recommend to install latest video driver for your device !

Graphics drivers Download 

(don`t worry if your notebook model is not listed in download link)

 Intel HD Grahics - ATI AMD Radeon - Nvidia GeForce 

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