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Tutorial with how to enable web camera from BIOS for Free

So, you already tried to install latest webcam driver and to updated web camera from bios update and your webcam is still broken / not present /  not detected ? well then is time to look into your Bios if the webcam is enabled or disabled !

1.  Update web camera from windows update   2. Get universal driver 

Option 3 is from BIOS

First, restart your notebook and when the screen goes black, press F2 to enter in Bios (in some cases you need to press DEL or F1 for bios)

Now in Bios , use arrows to navigate to Advanced

Here is an Example :

OK, now scroll down to System Configuration and press Enter

Now you will see Web Camera ? if is Disabled, then select it, press Enter and scroll to Enabled and press Enter again !

Now is Enabled !

Done ! Now press F10 and save bios settings !

Now your webcam camera must perform well. (working fine)

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