Webcam Drivers

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Guide with how to test and set webcam for Yahoo Messenger


First, connect your webcam or turn it on and open yahoo messenger

Now select Messenger, then Preferences

Right now look for Video & Voice and then select Open video and voice setup to run

Click next till webcam camera detection will apear 

If your webcam is working, press Finish

Troubleshooting !

What to do if your notebook webcam is not working proper ?

1. First, try this software (is free)

2. if your webcam is not detected like in image from above, then you need to install webcam driver and your can search one here or here .

If you have installed driver and still now working then try to install driver from windows update !

 Windows Update driver for Webcam Camera 

Last option, try to install universal webcam driver from here.

Enjoy !

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