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Webcam - Gembird CAM81U

Welcome ! This article is about webcam driver compatible with : Windows 7 32 and 64 bits and Windows 8 32 and 64 bits. You just bought a new webcam called "Gembird CAM81U"  ? then maybe you need to download latest updated webcam camera driver ? well then is very simple to do that, just download your driver from here and install it for Gembird CAM81U.


Driver is installed, but my webcam still now working ?

Fix. Then try to force windows to detect your webcam again ! here is guide 

Gembird CAM81U webcam device camera. Now if you have already best web camera driver installed and you need a software to manage webcam, to record webcam movies, web camera clips and more, just get this :

 Webcam Camera Manager 

If your webcam do not have built in microphone, and you want to record video with sound, then you can solve that with two windows programs witch are both free to download and to use as well for Gembird CAM81U.

(how to use guide included for Gembird CAM81U)

1. Webcam Video and Sound recorder 

2.  Webcam movie converter 

Download webcam driver for Model : Gembird CAM81U

Gembird CAM81U

Gembird CAM81U USB webcam camera

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